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What’s on your calendar?

It’s August. Normally I’d associate that with hot weather. This year has been a bit of a surprise though. Who would’ve thought we would need sweatshirts on an August evening? While driving to & from Cleveland yesterday I noticed the leaves are already showing some change in colors! Seriously?! How is that possible? It feels like summer just started and yet it’s actually winding down. Soon there will be leaves to rake, pumpkins & mums decorating yards and the hint of frost on the grass in the morning.
This got me to thinking………Did you ever realize that we seem to spend a lot of our time anticipating, planning & looking forward to (or possibly dreading!) the next thing or event? It’s something we do almost every day even if we don’t realize it. If you work Monday thru Friday, you’re always looking forward to the weekend. This year is my 10-year wedding anniversary so my husband & I are making plans to celebrate. It’s also my 25-year high school class reunion. Several former class mates are planning that. Just look at your calendar & how many things you have on it (there’s the proof!). We can’t stop the clocks from moving forward so we fill up our days with plans & activities.
What’s my point? Go look at that calendar. What’s next on the agenda? Are you waiting for something? Well it’s time to stop waiting & go! One of the songs “Chasing the Sun” from the most recent Sara Bareilles album states “Life is not meant to be wasted, we can always be chasing the sun. So fill up your lungs & just RUN!” So, take it from me, Middle Aged Mindy, don’t spend your days waiting for the next thing. Go get it! I’m not saying to drop everything in your life & go crazy! But it’s never too late to make a change or do something new! Don’t regret anything & spend time saying “what if……” You only get one ride on this planet so kick it in high gear, laugh, love & enjoy it!  PS…..I’m still looking forward to my 4 day weekend coming up! 😉