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“Falling” into the weekend!-Part 2

First, I’ll tell you a little about the weekend & then share some thoughts (the thoughts are mine-so get ready!)  What a fun-filled Friday!!  Joined by 2 friends, my husband & I spent Friday in Cleveland eating & laughing & eating some more!  We spent the evening watching the Indians defeat the Astros to take possession of the #2 Wild Card spot in the AL!!  WOOHOO!!

Steve’s Gyros at West Side Market–if you haven’t had one—GO NOW!!!

Eating Steve's Gyros at West Side Market!

Eating Steve’s Gyros at West Side Market!

A stop at Great Lakes Brewery & on E. 4th Street before heading to the game.

A stop at Great Lakes Brewery & on E. 4th Street before heading to the game.

The Social Media night at the Indians game DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  Hot Dogs, Pulled pork, Pulled BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, chips, potato salad, soda & more–all you could eat (and we did-even after that GYRO!) plus giveaways, the chance to hear Mike Aviles & Mike Chernoff answer fan questions, Nick Swisher “Brohio” t-shirts and TONS of social media freaks that all LOVE the Tribe!!



Social Media Night at the Tribe Game

Social Media Night at the Tribe Game

We made it thru the 7th inning stretch before the skies opened up and the rain deluge began!  With most of us realizing this was most likely the last baseball we’d see played at Progressive that night, we headed for the parking lots and made our way home.  And boy did it RAIN–we were dripping wet by the time we got to the truck but laughing too.  It was a wet but fun ending to the day.

The rains came down as the floods came up!

The rains came down as the floods came up!

Saturday I met my mom for lunch at a local bakery, Maggie’s Magic Muffins, in Austintown.  If you are ever there-try the Snow Bird Muffin (it’s coconut crème filled!) The rest of the weekend has been the normal weekend duties of groceries, cleaning, more cleaning, and REST after the long day Friday.

It’s the first day of fall today–Officially!  Change of seasons-one of the reasons living in Ohio is not so bad.  I now have orange lights decorating my bushes (NOT in honor of the Browns!), scarecrows in the flowerbeds, mums in the flower pots, and pumpkins & cornstalks will be arriving this week to complete the decor for the front of the house.  Yes, I love warm weather but I also love pumpkins, decorating the yard with cornstalks and mums, hayrides, bonfires, hot cocoa and the chilly air that means you have to wear a sweatshirt when you go out.  Yes, I’d also prefer to skip all that white flaky stuff that’s destined to fall in the coming months and bring ice and frigid temps that require 6 layers of clothing, coats, hats & gloves just to go get the newspaper off the front porch! 🙂  But it’s going to happen, regardless of what I want.

 Just like the weather changes, so do other things & situations in my life—EVERY day it seems.  Sometimes, I am perfectly fine with them–other times, not so much.  I grumble, I mumble, I resist and yet, it still happens.  I choose how I react & I choose the attitude and approach I’m going to use to deal with whatever the current change is.  I can react like I am with the cooler fall weather by embracing the change and making the best of it, even if I don’t like it.  I choose to make this fall season enjoyable & I’m learning that is exactly how I need to react to change and to new “seasons” in life.  Less mumbling & grumbling and more “pumpkins and mums”! 🙂  Trust me–I fail often.  I’m not one that can disguise her feelings and so if I’m unhappy with something, it shows.  But, even in these middle-aged years of my life, I know that I am still learning about life and attempting to improve myself and that will continue right up until my last breath I’m sure.  Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I don’t.  But I’ll keep trying.  The seasons will keep changing and so will my life.  The question is, how often will I have “pumpkins and mums” after the change?!

(PS–I’m watching the Browns game while I write this–talk about reacting to CHANGE!! 🙂  If you’re a Browns fan–this post is for YOU!)

“Falling” into the weekend!–Part 1

The crisp chill in the morning air, the fleeting moments of evening light, the darkness of the morning, the hints of color change on trees….all signs that fall is here.  Well it will be officially this weekend! My weekend is beginning with the Indians Tribe Social Media Night Friday evening as they continue the hunt for the AL Wild Card! What a great event planned that includes a visit from Mike Aviles, Q & A with the assistant GM Mike Chernoff, a food buffet, a “BROHIO” T-shirt (love Nick Swisher!), prizes & raffles,  and of course, a ticket to the game!  I get to enjoy all of this with my husband and some good friends!  Perfect start to the official fall season. 

With plans to spend a little time in Ohio City visiting the local hang-outs (ya know-West Side Market, Great Lakes, etc.) prior to the game, what else could a middle aged girl ask for?! 

Just one thing—please don’t rain on us!!

So, check back later in the weekend for an update! In the meantime……GO TRIBE!! 

The Roller Coaster weekend of Cleveland Sports Fans!

Well, it’s been a rough weekend for those of us Cleveland fans.  Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be picked as the winner of the Week 6 SummerinCLE contest from Positively Cleveland and was the happy recipient of 2 tickets to Friday nights Indians game against the Mets!  It also included a $50 gift card for Great Lakes Brewing Company!! We are saving that beauty for a little later this fall but the baseball game was rockin’!  I picked up a new Browns shirt from Fresh Brewed Tees before the game and settled into our spectacular seats behind home plate! The Tribe did not disappoint and with the help of a grand slam from Nick Swisher, had no trouble beating the Mets!  We got to enjoy dollar dogs, plenty of foul balls all around us, the chill in the fall air and the finale of the evening with fireworks over Progressive Field!  Pretty good start to the weekend, eh?!

Extending SummerinCLE one more weekend!

Extending SummerinCLE one more weekend!

Saturday was a day to sleep in (recover from being in Cleveland too late on Friday!) and do a few things around the house.  After a bit of middle aged duties that included cleaning, grocery shopping, a trip to Home Depot & laundry, we headed to BrainFreeze in Howland to enjoy some frozen yogurt & then spent the evening relaxing on the patio with a Wedgewood pizza & enjoying the company of some friends.  (Yes–we had dessert 1st, then dinner!  When you’re this age–that’s OK!)  The sports weekend was still on a high as the Tribe defeated the Mets AGAIN!! October is looking better & better!

Oh, but then Sunday arrived!  I woke up to find out that Jeff Gordon didn’t make the Chase, Clint Bowyer was the subject of controversy and the NASCAR world was all in a tizzy over it but hey, who cares….because it’s time for some FOOTBALL!  Hurry up—run to the store, brush the dogs, trim the dogs nails, make lunch, take Mark lunch and settle into the couch by 1 PM!  Here we go Brownies, here we go!  WOOF WOOF! and then………the game started.  It was dismal, depressing and downright pathetic at times.  Preseason was definitely a thing of the past as the Dawg Pound booed and the stadium was nearly empty by the end.  I know, it’s only week 1, but there wasn’t much evidence today that it’s going to get any better.  I’m hoping just to go 8-8 this year but……..

So, I switched to the Tribe game just in time to see Chris Perez give up what would be the winning run as the Indians were defeated by the Mets in the last game of the series.

So, the weekend had highs & lows but in the end, I consider myself a pretty lucky girl…I got to have fun at the game with the love of my life in the city that I love (for the 3rd weekend in a row!), relax with friends,  catch up on some housecleaning, play with the dogs and continue this middle-aged life I live.  So tomorrow it’s back to work, the Tribe will keeping fighting for that wild card spot and the Browns will –well– probably get another quarterback but that’s nothing new!

(and the one bright spot of Sunday? The Steelers LOST! so there WAS something good on Sunday!!)

Go Browns!  Go Tribe!

Summer finale weekend (Aka Labor Day weekend!)

It was a 4 day work free weekend for me! Kicking it off by heading to Cleveland for the Tribe Town Hall meeting at Progressive Field in the Terrace Club with the Indians was the perfect start!

Meeting Mark Shapiro


What other MLB team invites their fans to meet the President of the team, ask questions, enjoy a delicious lunch & have a chance to take home some sweet prizes (I REALLY wanted that Michael Brantley autographed bat!!)?!

Afterwards, I met up with my husband at The Winking Lizard in Peninsula.

My name is Heisman!

My name is Heisman!

His bike ride was shorter than expected but it all worked out and we enjoyed our afternoon together.

Saturday & Sunday were uneventful.  Watched Indians baseball, NASCAR racing and a little golf on TV.  I took Rocket to the vet for his follow-up x-rays on Saturday (he got a GOOD report card!) and lunch with family on Sunday to celebrate my Aunt’s birthday.  The typical ho-hum everyday stuff for a middle-aged girl.  Labor Day was spent planting some fall mums, grilling hot dogs and playing with my boys.  They can never have too much attention (at least in their opinion!)

Rocket patiently waiting for the vet.  This was his one calm moment!

Rocket patiently waiting for the vet. This was his one calm moment!

Tomorrow, I must return to work.  It’s been kind of quiet around here since Mark has worked all weekend.  When your spouse is in retail management, you tend to spend a lot of the weekend without them!  Soon, he will be working a little further from home (he currently has a 3, yes THREE! minute drive!) but will soon have a 30-minute drive.  Same company, same position, same pay.  You are probably wondering why he’s changing locations, huh? Well, it’s for the future opportunity.  Sometimes, you have to give up a little now to gain a lot later.  The experience, learning opportunity, atmosphere and future growth is HUGE if he moves.  So, he took it!  It’s the long-term outcome that will matter.  Will it lead to a promotion, a transfer, who knows?  But the door was opened and through it he went!  Small sacrifices now could lead to huge gains in the future.

That’s kind of how it goes with life.  We usually have to be willing to sacrifice something now (no matter how small it is) to gain for the future.  And man is that hard to do!  We’re human.  We live in the here and now most of the time.  So if you ask me to give up something and tell me it is for my own good, you better have some evidence to prove it!  Just don’t ask me to give up Starbuck’s, OK?! Now of course you don’t go chasing every opportunity that comes along just for the sake of trying.  That’s not going to work for very long.  I do think this is the right choice for us.  I see good things happening in the future for Mark (I’ve looked into my crystal ball!) and I have complete faith & trust in my husband.  That’s why I love him!

Life has thrown us many of curve balls.  There have been changes in employment, addresses, income, friendships, family and more during our 10 years of marriage, and you think we’d be used to it by now.  Of course, just when you think everything is rolling along smoothly, a new road block pops up and you have to figure out a different route to take.  So, check back later and I’ll let you know how this change goes.  You never know, someday I may be writing this blog from our ocean front property when he gets transferred to the coast!  (a middle-aged girl can dream can’t she?!)