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Ahhhh…Perspective….It’s Never Too Late!

Whew!  What a week it’s been! With my husband still working lots of extra hours, it’s been busy.

But….then the whole week changed.  Let me just say I had to spend some time in the ER this week and it was definitely NOT on my agenda.  I’m not going to talk details right now but after 3 hours of the worst pain I have EVER experienced and 36 hours in the hospital, I have gained one thing-PERSPECTIVE!  It smacked me so hard this week that I think it’s imprinted on my forehead!!

Here’s some of the definitions:

1.  A way of regarding situations, facts, etc., and judging their relative importance

 2.  A mental view or outlook

3.  The proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it

“It is useful occasionally to look at the past to gain a perspective on the present”

(Fabian Linden)

So this week I embark on a new journey.  Actually, it’s not even new.  It’s the journey I began over 12 years ago when I chose to have gastric bypass to get control of my weight.  I did it, I succeeded and then, I ignored it for the past few years. The results of that I will share more about later but I have come to realize one thing…..I am the only person who can change me.  Yes, I can be assisted and encouraged by others but the ultimate decision and choice is mine.  The change starts here.  Stay tuned for more as I strive toward a goal and to achieve success and change with this perspective I’ve gained this week but for now,

Life is Good!

PS–even though he was up half the night, was sick himself with chest congestion & a sore throat–this was what my rock of a husband got for me….truly I am the luckiest girl……

My surprise from my husband!

My surprise from my husband!


A “Golden” Saturday Afternoon

What an absolutely spectacular fall weather day! If the leaves weren’t turning yellow & red, I’d think it was still summer! Temps in the upper 70’s and sunshine all day! My boys made me feel guilty today when I was leaving to go to the mall & grocery store so I made a quick trip then came home & decided to take all 3 to the dogpark…we haven’t been there in a LONG time. So here’s a few pics of their fun afternoon. They were very well behaved (yea!) and they listened! The best part is that they are now exhausted and all sleeping soundly around the living room……have a great rest of the weekend!


Friday Night “Highlights”

It’s Friday evening & I’m sitting at the hair salon getting a cut & color. Welcome to middle age. Remember when Friday night meant going out with your friends? Staying out till the wee hours of the morning? Ugh so this is what Friday night means when you’re 40 (or so!) Well it’s not THAT bad I guess but hopefully my life is a LITTLE more exciting than that most of the time……..sometimes…..oh who am I kidding?! This is the “Highlight” of my week! 😄😄



Blessings & Memories

Whew!  Where have the last 2 weeks gone?!  I don’t know about you but I’m trying to remember where the last 14 days went! There was playoff baseball, my 10-year wedding anniversary, work, dentist appointment, Browns games to watch, late work meeting, and keeping the everyday household in order while Mark is working 7 days a week 12 hours a day getting the new store ready to open!  Wow! 

So….1st let me say-on his only day off in the last  2 weeks, I had a fun trip to the Cleveland Aquarium located on the West Bank of the Flats in Cleveland last Saturday with Mark.  Thanks to Positively Cleveland posting that you could have free admission with your game tickets from the last 6 Indians games, we had the chance to check it out at no cost!  Now that’s a savings!  I absolutely loved being able to touch the sting rays and the turtles!  They were huge!  The fact that it is in the same building where we used to eat at Rock Bottom Brewery is pretty cool.  The repurposed space still gives the industrial feel of the original building but with a new twist.  The sharks were HUMUNGO!!!

Touching the stingrays & cool!

Touching the stingrays & turtles….so cool!

Fish are so fascinating!  Scary Sharks that make me want to stay out of the ocean!  Turtles rescued and now happy at the Aquarium.

Fish are so fascinating! Scary Sharks that make me want to stay out of the ocean! Turtles rescued and now happy at the Aquarium.

It was a beautiful early fall day with sunshine and warm breezes.  After the fish visit, we headed to The Melting Pot at Legacy Village for dinner to celebrate our anniversary.  I’m thoroughly surprised we were able to walk after that meal!  My favorite part had to be the Bananas Foster Fondue for dessert.  I seriously could go there everyday just for all the different styles of chocolate fondue they have!!  The best part about the meal was the joy & laughter we shared while “fondueing” our food.  Our server was a trip laughing right along with us and made the visit even better.

"Fondue Date Night"

“Fondue Date Night”

I can hardly believe we’ve been married 10 years already!  Seems like just yesterday we were standing in front of our family & closest friends saying our vows.  It may have rained buckets on our wedding day, but married life has been better than a girl could ever hope for.  I definitely have the best husband ever!  Sorry to all of you still looking since I already got the best one there was!  🙂

Niagara Falls, NY September 27, 2003

Niagara Falls, NY
September 27, 2003

10-7 anni

I realized this past week just how truly blessed I am.  With Mark working long days and basically coming home just to eat a meal, shower, sleep & repeat the next day, I’ve kind of gotten a taste of what it would be like to not have him.  Yes, thanks to modern technology, we can talk several times through the day or text, but I sure do miss him in the evenings.  Not just because I get to do all the house stuff like mow the grass, feed the dogs, make meals pack lunches, clean, do laundry and all that other stuff…..I miss him being there.  Just knowing he’s in the next room gives me a peace & feeling of contentment.  He’s home, he’s safe and I can hug him, kiss him and see him any time I want!  I got married when I was 33.  That’s late in life by some standards and right on time by others.  I spent my late 20’s and early 30’s wondering if I would ever find that certain person who was meant to be for me.  Was God going to have me live single all my years or what?  I figured it was out of my hands and left it up to Him and wouldn’t you know, I met Mark.  Yes, we met on E-Harmony!  Back when it was just getting started.  Less than 2 months after we met, I knew he was the one.  Honestly–I think we both knew after a few weeks!! It was instant.  People use the term “love at first sight” and I am a true believer in that.  We were married 8 months later and here we are.  Not every day is ideal and we have rough times just like other people.  But, there is no yelling or shouting or mean words.  We can disagree, but truly when you love each other, you do everything possible NOT to hurt them-with words or actions.  Both Mark & I have exceptional parents who have been married for almost half a century.  What a legacy!  They’ve set the example and we now follow it.  My hope is that those who follow behind us, see a loving marriage between 2 people who place the other on the highest pedestal possible.  That’s what marriage is all about.  It’s not about you —-it’s about your spouse.  So, if the little things I can do make life better for Mark, then I’m successful!  I love him!  If you are married & you’re reading this, stop & go hug your spouse.  Doesn’t matter what they’re doing–interrupt!  It’s the little surprises that keep ’em guessing!!  🙂10-7 aan 3

Just remember that middle age doesn’t mean the end of things–it’s the beginning of something–whatever you choose.  It’s never too late to show your spouse what they really mean to you.  Even if it’s just a post-it note on the bathroom mirror saying “I love you” it matters!!  I always tell Mark that I don’t need a dozen roses to know he loves me.  I simply need him to reach for my hand when we are walking into a store, kiss me when he gets home or maybe just empty the dishwasher after I run it (inside joke–I hate emptying the dishwasher!)  It’s a cliché but it’s true–Life is short and we are not promised tomorrow.  Make the most of today.  You can’t rewind time so savor what you have and love with purpose unconditionally.My favorite saying

PS–Cleveland fans—-we know how to support our teams!  Even after the Tribe lost, even after the injury that knocked out our QB, we still carry on.  It’ll happen…someday…maybe while I’m still breathing on this earth!