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Mutt Madness 2014-Calling all Golden Retriever lovers!

While it may be spring, it’s snowing here in NE Ohio tonight! Yuck! But that’s not the reason I’m posting………….
We have our 5-year old golden retriever Jake entered in a locally sponsored contest called Mutt Madness 2014. It starts with 64 and goes thru the same tournament bracket style action as the NCAA Basketball tournament. He has made it to round 3, the sweet 16, or as we call it here “slobbering 16” and the round ends tomorrow. We need votes! He’s losing to a really cute collie right now! Feel free to click in the link above and vote for my boy JAKE!! Please Share and tell your friends! Thank you & woof………PS…I’m also voting for Maddie in the Lassie region! woof!!! >



Post-Harlem Shake, Nick Swisher makes a new best bud in Goodyear


Last year, in his first Spring Training as a member of the Indians organization, Nick Swisher brought a new energy to the Tribe clubhouse — and spearheaded The Harlem Shake: Tribe Town 216 Edition, a viral hit.

This offseason, we’ve gotten questions on Twitter about another version, but it appears Nick is a little too busy in Goodyear to lead the charge for a Shake followup.

Nick has found a new best buddy — Cleveland comedian Mike Polk, Jr. Judging by the video below, the duo is having a blast, staying up all night talking about all that’s great about the world, baseball, ponies and more.


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2 Golden Retrievers Drown in Wisconsin River

The Daily Golden

Wausau, WI – 2 golden retrievers have drowned after falling through ice on the Wisconsin River near Fern Island this afternoon.

Wisconson River - Wisconson River –

A passer by was walking in the area and heard screams. Tim Stelzel tells WSAW News:

They jumped 10 feet off thinking it was snow, and plunged through and went immediately under the ice and were swept downstream.”

Stelzel claims the dogs’ owners, a couple, “couldn’t be consoled”  Rescue crews were not contacted as the current swept the dogs away under the ice so quickly.

2 Dogs Lost After They Break Through Ice – WSAW News – Video

A reminder to keep your dogs on a leash near water this time of year.  So sad.

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Cleveland Indians announce new food and beverage offerings for 2014 at Progressive Field

Home opener in 15 days!



Terrace Club now completely open to the public; reservations available through OpenTable

Great Lakes Brewing Co., Sam Adams, New Belgium Brewing Company, Bob Evans will have presence in ballpark

KeyBank Kids Value Tickets offer families more affordable option; tickets come with loaded value for use on concessions and merchandise

The Cleveland Indians announced exciting new additions to the food and beverage lineup at Progressive Field for the 2014 season.

The Terrace Club will be open to the general public for the first time in 2014, with fans able to make reservations beginning on March 31. Reservations will be available through or the Open Table mobile app, or by calling 216-420-4700 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10AM-4PM.

The Indians have new in-park partnerships with Ohio City-based brewery Great Lakes Brewing Co., The New Belgium Brewing Company (makers of Fat Tire and the nation’s No. 3 craft brewer), and Sam…

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Will it ever end?

I know sooooo many people across the country have been talking about the weather….it’s been absolutely unbelievably unbearably cold and miserable this winter! Once again it’s snowing, cold and nasty. My golden boys have cabin fever. We got a short glimpse of spring 24 hours ago and enjoyed 60 degrees! Now it’s windy, snowing, icy and downright sucky outside! Where is the sunshine?! We got to walk for the last 5 days so nicely but alas winter has returned to NE Ohio! Just GO AWAY!!

But the IndiansIndians
Are dominating spring training so I KNOW that warm temps are coming….SOON!! I also know in less than 70 days I’ll be looking at the lovely beautiful beaches in Rodanthe in the Outer Banks! Yes, I’m already looking forward to it…bad as that is! Hang in there, it’s almost over! I think!

In Like a Lion…..sort of

So, what do you think of the weather? Friday all the signs pointed to a massive snow storm invading NE Ohio yesterday. 14″ of snow, ice, cold, ya know, the whole package. Apparently Mother Nature just likes to mess with us. Look out your window. A few inches fell Saturday-barely enough to shovel or snow blow. Today, roads are clear although it is cold. So a doctor “practices” medicine but he better be close to 100% in the accuracy department. Meteorologists on the other hand shouldn’t even have to graduate high school since you can send a whole state into panic mode only to say later “oh never mind, it missed us!” Hmmmm…..practice makes perfect! I certainly hope I can post on April 1st with the title “Out Like a Lamb!”

Rocket loving the snow!

Rocket loving the snow!