Happy Mom’s Day!

I just want to wish all the moms, especially mine, a Happy Mother’s Day! I know my mom is having a great one as she is getting to spend it with my brother for the first time in several years! I miss her but I’m happy for this time she is getting to share with him and all her grandkids in Guam!

I myself am a mom to my 3 boys-all of them complete with tails, fur and 4 legs!


Bruno is my 13-1/2 year old. I got him from the shelter when he was 8 weeks old. He’s more grey and white than brown these days but still a sweetheart even as he slows down a little bit! Jake is 5-1/2 and Rocket is 3-1/2, both golden retrievers adopted as young boys. All 3 are heading to the beach one week from today!
Also, Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mother-in-law! I am blessed to have her in my life too! And thanks to her, I have the most wonderful husband a woman could ever hope for!

So, hug your mom, hug your kids and hug your fur kids! ❤️



May Day! May Day!

I suppose it’s time to catch up on the happenings in Mindy’s world. It’s been a rainy soggy spring so far here in NE Ohio. We finally got past the cold nasty of winter only to move into what feels like continuous rainy days. We have had a few scattered sunny warm days but it’s almost impossible to believe that tomorrow is May Day!

I got my first pair of bifocals—wowza—I’m getting old!! Not only bifocals, but I now own THREE pair of reading glasses so I can always have some close by. You know, by the computer, in my purse, at work, etc. Luckily I can still read pretty good without those pesky readers but they do make it easier!

It’s baseball time here in Ohio so we have been watching the Tribe. We spent a couple days in Cleveland for Opening Weekend (that was rainy and cold—shocker!) and had fun in spite of the weather!

may day 7

The Social Suite ALWAYS means a good time at Progressive! April has not been a good month for them as they are in the basement of the AL Central but it’s a long season so I see a brighter future—I’m hoping for one anyhow! We are heading back to the Social Suite Sunday May 4th to battle the White Sox and I am optimistic that it will be warmer, dryer and the Indians will WIN!!

may day 9

My sisters-in-laws, niece & mother-in-law spent a fun girls outing painting! First we enjoyed dinner at the Stonebridge Grille (I had Mahi Mahi that was scrumptious!!)

may day 2 may day 4 May Day 1

Who knew that Picasso was hiding inside all of us! Haha! We each created our own masterpiece and put our personal touches on it.  The pARTy Gallery is a terrific way to spend an evening!  

They will even bring the party to you!  Check ‘em out!

We spent some of the rare warmer sunny days with our boys. I actually took all 3 to the dog park on my own—crazy I know! It’s a good energy release for them! They think they own the place for some reason. We were also able to enjoy a nice long hike at Mill Creek Park this past Sunday. We only had to dodge one angry goose who thought we were invading their nest!

may day 18    may day 17    may day 19    may day 10
We also got to meet up with some of our golden retriever facebook friends this past weekend!  You can never have too many!!

may day 14      may day 15

After traveling to the Buffalo area for some work training a couple weeks ago, I returned only to find that my husband would be traveling the next 3 weeks! Home a couple days and then gone for 4 or 5! Lots of miles to be conquered! 

We also celebrated Easter this month!

may day 13 
My parents leave next week for a month in Guam. They will be watching their oldest grandson graduate from high school. Then the whole family will be moving back to the states and arrive June 14th! Yes, I’m excited!
I can hardly wait because in 17 days we will be leaving for a week in the Outer Banks again. All 3 dogs will be joining us. I am SOOOO looking forward to a week of sun, sand and relaxing. Mix in some friends, fresh seafood, the pool and hot tub and it’s an absolute paradise for a week!
But before that I still need to get thru the next couple weeks with Mark traveling, work, meetings, work dinner (2 days before vacation!) and packing for the OBX! 

In today’s mail there was a wedding shower invitation, a Bar Mitzvah invitation, and a wedding invitation!
May Day! May Day! I need that vacation BAD!!

PS–I think Jake looks like how I feel sometimes!!

may day 20



Yep, I’m kind of hibernating…….

ImageWow, I’m still here-just been hibernating for the winter.  All of us here in NE Ohio are pretty much done with this crazy winter!  I mean really, it gets cold, it snows, it gets cold some more, it snows some more….then you can throw in some thunder snow, lightning, ice storms, power outages, wind chills that make even a polar bear shiver, and it’s just been insane!  That stinkin’ groundhog needs to be found and strung up!  Well, maybe that’s a little harsh but it might make us feel better for a little while!

But now that it’s almost March, the days are getting longer, spring REALLY is just around the corner, summer plans are already being made (can you say VACATION!) so it’s getting better all the time.  Lots of things happening in our family the past few months and months to come.  My older brother and family will be moving back to the states (from GUAM!) in June!!!  It’s been 20 years since we lived on the same continent so, yes I’m EXCITED!!!!  They may end up in another state but at least I know they will be within traveling distance!  I am especially looking forward to seeing some Tribe baseball with him!  It’s been 6 long years since we were able to attend a game TOGETHER so that is definitely on the agenda!  Maybe, just maybe, we will actually get to spend some holidays together!!  What a dream come true that would be!

ImageA week in May in the Outer Banks is also planned for my husband and I and our 3 “boys”.  The perfect place to relax, kick back and soak up some sun.  After this winter, we are going to need all the sun we can get!

2013 in Rodanthe

2013 in Rodanthe

It’s time for NASCAR too!  Lots to see and watch and cheer for!  Go Jeff Gordon!

So everyone hang in there for just a little bit more and we will soon be basking in the air conditioning and humidity of summer!!  WootWoot!  See ya soon!

Are you moving forward too fast?

Bruno didn't want to be in this picture! LOL

Bruno didn’t want to be in this picture! LOL

It’s that weekend we all love!  We get to turn the clocks back an hour!  So, what did you do with that extra hour?  Me….I’m using it to post (it has been a couple of weeks since I shared!)

Last weekend, we enjoyed some family time by visiting Ashtabula County on Sunday and stopping at the Harpersfield Covered Bridge.  We hadn’t been there for about 7 years so it was a time to take some new family photos and enjoy that beautiful scenery!  Here are a few pics of the day along with a picture from our last visit there.  Boy, time flies!



Our family then & now

Our family then & now

They were not happy to be tied up while we took other pictures!

They were not happy to be tied up while we took other pictures!

Afterwards, we stopped at Ferrante Winery for lunch.  The winery is gorgeous inside with open views of the fields and grapes growing right behind it!  We ordered their crab cake appetizer and shared a small seafood pizza.

11-3 ferrante

Crab Cakes from Ferrante!  YUMMMMMM!!

Crab Cakes from Ferrante! YUMMMMMM!!

Delicious!! We shared the sweet wine sampler as well.  Definitely a place you want to visit when you’re in the area!

Jake LOVED waiting for the kids to knock on the door!

Jake LOVED waiting for the kids to knock on the door!

Thursday was Halloween and the weather was SOOOO uncooperative here in NE Ohio.  Rain, Rain, Rain, wind, wind wind!!  That pretty much sums it up!  We still had about 60-70 kids but was less than usual.

Here’s my top observations from Trick or Treat:

–If you are old enough to drive, you shouldn’t be trick or treating!

–If you’re child can’t walk because they are a baby, they probably aren’t going to eat candy bars & gum that you are collecting!  Is it really for you?!

–Sadly, most kids don’t say “Thank you” anymore

–Sadly again, I think only half even say “trick or treat” when you answer the door.

Boy have times changed!  So, Kudos to you parents who reminded your children to say thank you when they got their treat at my door!  We  need more of you!!

Hard to believe that in 2 months Christmas will already be here & be gone!!  WOW!!  Time is moving forward no matter how much we’d like it to slow down.  Are you finished with your shopping?  Have you even started?  This makes me sad in a way.  I went to the mall Friday evening and the Salvation Army bell ringers were already out collecting donations.  I thought “Wait, wasn’t it Halloween yesterday and now it’s Christmas???!”  I am always sad when it seems that society in general seems to go from Halloween to Christmas and skip Thanksgiving.  It happens every year and it seems to be getting worse & worse with each year that passes.  Now don’t get me wrong–I’m all for early Christmas shopping, hanging lights when it’s not snowing so they are ready for December, etc. but Thanksgiving is the reason we have the freedom to celebrate holidays in this country and enjoy the life we have.

So here is my request.  Don’t get so caught up in the Christmas preparations that you forget to be thankful for your life, your family, your friends and all you have.  Is life perfect?  No, but if you think about all you have to be thankful for, it is going to fill volumes.  So remember to pace yourself this “holiday” season and don’t go so fast that you miss out on what really matters.