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There’s a hint of summer in the air…..

Ahhh…yes, it was another cold afternoon at the ballpark on Sunday and somehow the Tribe lost. We had a terrific time anyhow but a victory would’ve been soooo much better after record setting pitching! Ugh!

My parents took off today for Guam. They arrive tomorrow. Long flights but a joyous reunion with my brother and family will soon be taking place! I’m kind of envious!
10 days until I arrive in the Outer Banks! Me n all my boys! Lots to pack, dogs to groom, and more! Tonight was a sweet reminder that warm weather is coming!! Sitting outside watching my dogs play I the sunshine renewed my faith that summer is actually coming…not soon enough, but it is!






Not So Fashionably Late

Dear Spring,

You were supposed to show your face today. Looking at the forecast, you’re running late…..REALLY late! Hurry up because walking my boys in the cold is getting old & they have a severe case of cabin fever!

Looking forward to seeing you SOON,



In Like a Lion…..sort of

So, what do you think of the weather? Friday all the signs pointed to a massive snow storm invading NE Ohio yesterday. 14″ of snow, ice, cold, ya know, the whole package. Apparently Mother Nature just likes to mess with us. Look out your window. A few inches fell Saturday-barely enough to shovel or snow blow. Today, roads are clear although it is cold. So a doctor “practices” medicine but he better be close to 100% in the accuracy department. Meteorologists on the other hand shouldn’t even have to graduate high school since you can send a whole state into panic mode only to say later “oh never mind, it missed us!” Hmmmm…..practice makes perfect! I certainly hope I can post on April 1st with the title “Out Like a Lamb!”

Rocket loving the snow!

Rocket loving the snow!